Sunday, February 5, 2012

Muggle Cards

Our new muggle cards have been out for a few weeks now.  I have received a few questions about them.

The cards are for your use.  They were designed to promote the sport and the organization.    A few members helped pay for the cards.  If you would like to help out, please let me know.

Input was requested from the members and incorporated in the design They were actually redesigned at the last moment to make the logo side sightly smaller and a thin blank line was added to allow you to put your name and / or cacher name on the card.

So, what are some uses of the cards?  Ever have a run in with the local law enforcement?  As you explain geocaching to them, hand them a muggle card.  It adds to the professionalism of the sport to be able to have something to hand out as apposed to just telling them about it. 

The cards are not just limited to law enforcement, it is a great thing to hand out to anyone that has questions about geocaching.

If you would like some cards, pick some up and your favorite local cache. What, there are none in the cache, please drop some off.  Need more, or can't find any, get in contact with me.

Want a custom muggle card for you our your group that is just as impressive and professional as ours?  Let me know (geocache at geo-x dot org)

Sandy Barker the Lackey  from Groundspeak ( spoke very highly of the cards and the use. 

Speaking of Sandy, she was very appreciative of our group and all the things we have accomplished here.  She was taking many of our project ideas back to groundspeak for possible future use.

Feedback has been outstanding and the cards have been very well received, and I personally want to thank the members that helped move this project from a dream to a fruition.

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  1. Very cool. So much easier than having to stand there and explain what you are doing. I'm going to have to look about getting some of these done for our local area.

    Cesar Diaz